Designing Data Governance for Data Mesh Architecture

Presented by Lauren Maffeo

Organizations own more data than ever before, but it’s of no value if you don’t know how to use it. Most organizations lack the strategy to clean, collect, organize, and automate data for production-ready projects.

The good news is that Data Governance – the people, processes, and strategy needed for deploying data projects to production – offers new opportunities to improve service delivery.

This session shares how leaders can embed Data Governance into data mesh cloud architecture. Attendees will learn how to unite cross-functional teams of data stewards to automate unified standards into data mesh, which emphasizes data domain ownership through self-service architecture.

Whether you’re a chief data officer or individual contributor, this talk will show you how to manage up, get the buy-in you need to build Data Governance, find the right colleagues to co-create governance, and build cloud architecture that better serves the public.

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