Learning 360: Crafting a Comprehensive View of Learning by Using a Graph

Presented by: Chris Marino

For years, a notable large retailer has been struggling to manage a vast array of the learning content of different types, formats, and systems. Though the content itself was of high value, it was too often hidden in siloed systems, or difficult to find due to lack of integration across platforms. To address this long-standing challenge, this retailer developed a graph database to bring together diverse content and surface it via a semantic search and entity association engine.

This detailed case study will walk through the retailer’s journey, including the early stages of planning, software selection, Agile design and development, and ongoing iteration to add new features. It will also include the proven methodology applied to engage business users in the design process, helping to drive the adoption of this highly formative new tool for the large retailer.

Attendees of the session can expect to learn:

  • The value of graph databases to unite content (ranging from structured to unstructured) and surface key connections;
  • Specific approaches and methodologies for use case development, software selection, and Agile planning and integration; and
  • Techniques to engage business users in highly complex design and build efforts.

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