The Enduring Need for Master Data Management

Presented by April Reeve

Is Master Data Management still needed? Has it been replaced by other modern architectural solutions?  MDM as a capability is still a critical part of every enterprise application architecture but the technologies used to accomplish it are changing: supporting a broader group of use cases, becoming faster, and (hopefully) less expensive.

“Master Data Management” has been an important capability in most organizations since well before there were computers (all businesses need to manage their customer lists). The need for Master Data Management systems was broadly recognized in the 1990s, although some industries always had the capability since they had computer systems.

Modern MDM isn’t just focused on analytics but a broader group of operational stakeholders and leveraging emerging data technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence as well as older technologies like graph, that is coming into it’s own in critical areas such as MDM and metadata management.

This presentation will cover:

  • Master Data Management and why we need it
  • Traditional Master Data Management
  • Changes in Master Data Management for Modern Data Architectures
    • Operational MDM
    • Using graph databases
    • Leveraging machine learning
  • Does Master Data Management have a future?

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