The Importance of Strategically Positioning MDM in Today’s Architecture

Presented by Frank Cerwin

Master data has been present in organizations’ systems since the first application was deployed decades ago. As applications multiplied, trading partner relationships grew, government regulations were imposed, and mergers and acquisitions occurred, managing master data became extremely challenging and issues proliferated. Today’s organizations have launched or are planning numerous strategic business initiatives that depend on their master data to be accurate, shareable, protected, and fit for purpose where applied. Unfortunately, many organizations continue to struggle with an effective master data management (MDM) program. To meet these challenges requires defining and positioning the MDM program strategically in the system architecture and organizational structure.

Covered topics include:

  • MDM’s importance to the success of digital transformation, government regulation compliance, Internet of Things (IoT), and M&A migration
  • Taking a holistic perspective to MDM program positioning
  • The impact of an organization’s structure, culture, and industry on an MDM program

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