Jacqueline Rinehart

Fractional Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, Limitless Innovations

As a Chief Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology executive, Jacqueline has had the privilege and honor to build, lead, and scale in first ever roles and functions that drive AI, digital, and emerging technology innovation in forward looking organizations.

With superpowers in innovation, technology evolution, and cultural transformation, she has been at the leadership forefront as an executive in Innovation Labs, Transformation Incubators, and Centers of Excellence across FinTech to Fortune 50-500 to Big 4.

At the heart of everything innovation and transformation is strategic data management and within a one enterprise architecture view.

Acting as equal part chief strategist, AI/data architect, technology, data, and operations officer, Jacqueline develops and delivers an integrated data and information technology backbone for end-to-end operations and technology innovation enablement.

Her innovation track record of success is holistic…it goes beyond data and technology acumen, and includes nurturing people, partnerships, and inclusion to create cultures of innovation and a collective human capital dynamic that co-exists across functions.

Jacqueline is an AI and data thought leader whose successes are grounded in MIT AI coursework, Yale MBA in technology and transformation, and a JD. Bringing all parts of her into what she does, her passion is contagious and results are unique.

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